(how to become a ghost, and forget who you were before)

i. i am such a small sea, i am such a small sea ii. at the hospital the nurse gives you a silver pin to wear in the crook of your arm and blood is coming out like lace. you’re thinking was it red sea or dead sea? and if there are pearls hidden inside you still. iii. you keep missing him even as he’s standing beside you holding your hand. you think it’s because some souls shouldn’t be apart and maybe you could stitch yours together if only you could find their beginnings.iv. you are partly still that young girl pressing your knuckles against your lips trying to feel the bruises blooming from where the boy with the bottlecap ring kissed you. v. you remember the blood running from you in lace ribbons and trying to keep the pearls inside. you say something mean to him because you can’t feel their silk circles under your skin. he tells you the length of your heart is the width of his back tooth. vi. you can’t let your heart grow or you’ll explode.

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  1. Oh, Kelsey... this is much too wonderful. And may very well be my favorite thing I have read all week.

    If you were a song, I would be singing you all of the time.

    PS: I hope you had a beautiful new years and I cannot wait to spend this year (and many to come, hopefully!) reading your words and learning to love you more and more. xxxx